Teaser for the last part of the series “La Casa de Papel”, and this is the date of its presentation


The Money Heist”He returns again this year, after revealing the date of the fifth and final part of the series, as well as a new video teaser for the events of the last part of the famous Spanish series on Netflix.

A teaser clip from the events of the last part of the series The Money Heist

Today, Netflix published a teaser clip of the series The Money Heist”On her accounts on the communication sites, the public’s eagerness for the events of the fifth and final part of the famous series, and appeared in the short trailer “The Professor” embodied by Alvaro Morte, who is iron-bound with the investigator “Sierra”, which ignited the audience’s enthusiasm for the last part to know the fate of the professor and the gang members .

The date of the presentation of the last part of the series The Money Heist”

Netflix commented on the new teaser for the series and said: “Kesh Malak”, which increased the mystery and suspense about the events of the fifth and final part of the work as well. Netflix revealed the date of the presentation of the last part, which will be shown in two parts, each part consisting of 5 episodes; The first part will be released on September 3, and the second on December 3, 2021.

Series details The Money Heist”

Netflix recently revealed the first pictures of the final season of the series The Professor.The Money HeistAnd the first images of the last season reveal the extent of the chaos that is taking place inside and outside the famous Bank of Spain, after the sudden arrest of the professor by Sierra And the team succeeded in saving Lisbon and bringing it safely inside the bank. The war has begun; The team has to show its ruthless side fraught with pain and weapons, with despair that there is no plan for their survival, according to an official statement from Netflix.

The events revolve around the professor’s gang imprisoned inside the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours, as they managed to save Lisbon, but the darkest moment befalls them after losing one of them, so the professor was arrested by SierraAnd, for the first time, he has no escape plan. And while the situation seems like it couldn’t get any worse, an enemy comes into the arena more powerful than they’ve ever faced: the army…the end of the greatest robbery in history approaches, and what started as robbery will end as war.


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