tayyar.org – Hariri made his decision to apologize


Journalist Johnny Mounir reported that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri made his decision to apologize, but his timing is in his control and may need some time. Pointing out that then there will be a release of the apology that gives Hariri a gain, and a likely scenario is that he presents a lineup of 24 ministers that includes two prominent Christian ministers.

Mounir confirmed in an interview with OTV that Hariri’s apology will be conditional on the recommendation of the one who will head an election government. It is likely that the talk is about Najib Mikati to head this government and a second scenario that says activating the caretaker government, noting that the US-Saudi-French meeting stressed the necessity of preventing the fall of Lebanon and the Saudi minister stressed To his counterparts, he will return to inform them of the decision after consulting with the leadership on how to take measures to go in this direction.

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