Tariq Al-Harbi: “Wold Marzouk” is a comedy that takes people out of the pressures of life – thought and art – culture


The Saudi artist and program presenter, Tariq Al-Harbi, confirmed that people in a circumstance such as the Corona pandemic and a stressful life need joy and laughter, which is what the comedy movie “Wold Marzouk” achieves for them.

Al-Harbi, who is starring in the film, told Al-Bayan that the film was produced by IC Media and was filmed in Abu Dhabi with the participation of a number of Arab and Emirati artists, including Andrea Skaf, Sheila Sabt, Muhammad al-Qass and others.

“Wold Marzouk,” directed by Seif Sheikh Najib, and written by Ahmed Issa, is scheduled to be shown in “Fox” cinemas in the Arab Gulf states on the 29th of this month.

comic events

Tariq Al-Harbi said: I embody the character of Salem Ould Marzouk, the owner of companies and halal, but he is not a believer in success, which changed his life and led to a series of comic events that carry many contradictions. He added: Marzouk’s son visited magicians for a necklace that changed his life, and at that time his companies were collapsing, and he did not expect during this that he was not a smart and successful person.

He pointed out that the film raises a question: “Can a necklace change your life?” You can have everything you wish for, but what if you lose it?

Al-Harbi stated: The film was scheduled to be shown on the second day of Eid al-Adha, but it was postponed after a decision by the producing and marketing company due to the conditions of Eid in the Gulf.

Al-Harbi also praised the importance of the experience of working with director Sheikh Najib, and said: He knows our mood as Gulf people, and does not stress us out with location, and I have seen the success of his works before.

acting and presenting

The artist Tariq Al-Harbi, who previously participated in the movie “Manahi”, confirmed that his actual artistic beginning came through the Saudi series “Tash Ma Tash” and said: This series is the one that introduced people to my experience, and I started working in it for two years “Extras” before I participated in the championship .

He added, “This is something I am not ashamed of, despite the presence of artists who reproached me at the time as “compars”, but now they are interfering with me in order to participate in works of art.”

He stated: that art has no intermediary, either people accept the artist or not. When he works on himself, he can become a well-known artist.

He continued: I have worked in acting since the year 2000 and worked for 7 years in the theater and participated in the “Your Safety Awareness” program, and added: But “Tash Ma Tash” was the one who introduced me to the art scene, where the “Facebook” revolution and the forums that began to know me began.

Al-Harbi confirmed that acting is what made his “Tariq Show” program successful, and there were 4 billion views of the program on “Snapchat” alone. In the program, he explained, she was keen to highlight talents, as she showed celebrities from artists.

He stated: There is a specific time for certain works in which I participated and more than one part was shown, such as “Wi-Fi”, and he justified this by the fact that the time differed from the period in which this work was presented, which if it was presented now would have been a failure. He pointed out that his next new movie and series.



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