Swedish Health announces studies of the approaching conversion of the Corona vaccine into powder and pills


Injections or needles are the only current way through which Corona virus vaccines are given, and although it is an approved medical method and quick results, it has several considerations that can affect the extent of the expansion of the Corona virus, as it needs a specialist to give it, and that this be done In a medical center that verifies the methods of storing vaccines, so specialists seek to find an easier way than that to avoid these matters, and indeed there is a glimmer of hope in that, as in the following:

Corona vaccine forms:

 Injections are the current method of administering the Corona vaccine

A report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), published by the “Sky News” website, stated that Swedish scientists are making their efforts in this context, in a laboratory in the village of Medicon, and the chemist Ingimo Anderson is working to produce a small plastic inhaler half the size of a matchbox through which to give Corona vaccine.

Her team hopes that this small device will play a major role in fighting the Corona epidemic on a global scale, as it allows advanced doses of the vaccine to be taken in powder form, reaching people in their homes.

The founder of a start-up company specializing in immunological research, Ola Winkes, a professor of immunology, says that the new vaccine will be a game-changer, as it does not need refrigeration, and it can be taken without the need for the help of health care providers.

The Swedish company is now testing its vaccine against the two relatively new variants of Corona, “alpha” and “beta”.

Corona vaccines:

 Corona vaccine in the form of pills in the future

On the other hand, another Swedish company is currently working on developing a promising technology, which is drying current or future liquid vaccines in a way that does not reduce their effectiveness, and this technology allows developing countries to complete the final stages of vaccine production on their soil.

The new technology is to mix the vaccine powder with sterile water before vaccination, and then it is injected using needles.

Not only that, the new technology is applicable to other types of devices for introducing other vaccines into the body, such as nasal sprays and pills, says CEO Goran Konradsson.

However, Conradson stresses that this technology requires a lot of research and development, but in principle it appears possible.

note: Before you start or follow this treatment or this method, please consult your doctor.


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