Summit in Washington between Biden and Al-Kazemi


Today, Monday, a summit will be held in Washington between US President Joe Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, on several topics, most notably The future of the US military presence in Iraq.

Before the start of the summit today, the Iraqis are awaiting the results of the talks with great caution due to the possible results related to the future of the US military presence in their country.

On his second visit to Washington since he headed the Iraqi government, Al-Kazemi will discuss with President Biden a number of issues, foremost of which is Withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq.

The idea of ​​an American withdrawal from Iraq is controversial, as there are those who have reservations about it, such as the Kurds, while the Shiite forces are divided over it.

Before heading to Washington, Al-Kazemi announced, through an exclusive interview with the Associated Press, that Iraq no longer needs foreign combat forces Including the American.

But Al-Kazemi confirmed that his country will continue to request training and gathering military intelligence information from the United States, without setting a deadline for the departure of its forces, adding that any timetable for withdrawal will depend on the needs of the Iraqi forces and the negotiations that he will conduct in Washington.

According to analysts, during his visit to Washington to participate in the fourth round of the strategic dialogue between the two countries, Al-Kazemi is looking for American help to relieve the pressure of the pro-Iranian militias on him, which are demanding the final withdrawal of American forces.

Iraq and the United States agreed last April to transfer American forces to the mission of training and advice, but they did not reach a timetable for completing this transition.

Regardless of the character or designation that the American forces that will remain in Iraq will bear, what many in Iraq are waiting for are clarifications about the timetable for completing the withdrawal of these forces.


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