Study: Two doses of AstraZeneca and Pfizer raise the level of antibodies


A study conducted in South Korea, published by ReutersVaccination with a dose of AstraZeneca and a dose of Pfizer raises the level of antibodies in the body six times compared to two doses of AstraZeneca only.

499 medical personnel participated in the study, of whom 100 received double doses, 200 received two doses of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine, and the rest received two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

All of them had antibodies that prevent the virus from entering cells and reproducing itself, and the study showed that the amounts of antibodies formed in the group that received double vaccination were similar to the amounts that were formed in the group that received two doses of Pfizer vaccine.

A British study last month showed similar results. These data support the decision of several countries to provide alternatives to the AstraZeneca vaccine in the second dose, after linking this vaccine to the occurrence of blood clots.

And the professor of epidemiology at the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain, Dr. Moez Bakhit, said in a previous interview with the website:freeFrom a scientific point of view, “there is no problem with mixing vaccines or taking a booster dose of another vaccine.”

Bakhit added, “There are no consequences for that. The Chinese vaccine is different from Pfizer.”

He explained that Chinese vaccines depend on dead viral cells, through which the immune system can confront the virus. While Pfizer relies on messenger RNA technology, or what is known as “mRNA”.

He stressed that it is permissible to confuse vaccines from a biological and scientific point of view, and that “this can enhance immunity.”


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