Somaya al-Khashab in an interview via Twitter: I hope to rule the world after 10 years… and Sergio Aguero has been marginalized | news


Actress Sumaya Al Khashab conducted a chat session with the audience via Twitter.

Somaya al-Khashab chose a number of questions that ranged from funny, imaginary and sporty, and below we review her most prominent statements via Twitter.

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My favorite movie is Mean Girls.

My favorite actress is Sumaya al-Khashab.

I will release my Gulf album soon.

Harry Styles is my favorite singer from the One Direction group.

I would like to work with American director Robert B. Wade.

– Sergio Aguero was subjected to injustice and marginalization, which affected his psychological state, but his move to play alongside Lionel Messi in Barcelona will give him motivation to develop and wish him success.

Where did Sergio Aguero play before moving to Barcelona? in Argentina.

I see myself ruling the world in 10 years.

– When I rule the world, I will issue a law to imprison the supporters of racism, and I will prosecute all people who judge others and interfere in what does not concern them, and I will issue a decree to execute all rapists and harassers, and I will prevent wars.

It is noteworthy that Sumaya al-Khashab recently presented the “Promise” festival, in which she sang with Omar Kamal, who is her production, and achieved 10 million views on YouTube.

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