Simultaneous missile attacks targeting US bases in Iraq and Syria


On Wednesday, the al-Omar oil field base in Deir Ezzor countryside was attacked with missiles and drones that came from the western side of the Euphrates River, which is controlled by the Syrian regime.

And the Russian “Sputnik” website quoted sources that “the drones were aimed at filming and monitoring, apparently to document the attack and prevent losses from being obscured, after which the base was bombed with missiles that fell on the perimeter and inside the base, with information about material and human casualties inside it.”

The sources added that the US forces used “man-portable air defense missiles, in an attempt to confront the attack.”

For its part, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that they repelled the attacks by drones in the Al-Omar field. The director of the media center, Farhad Shami, said: “Our advanced forces to fight ISIS and the international coalition forces in the Al-Omar field area in Deir ez-Zor dealt with hostile attacks by drones,” explaining that “initial reports confirm the failure of the attacks and the absence of damage.”

And on Sunday, several websites, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reported that explosions resounded in the “Al-Omar” oil field, as a result of missiles that fell in the “field” housing, but the spokesman for the international coalition to fight ISIS, Wayne Maroto, denied the validity of these reports at the time.

Simultaneously, the Ain al-Assad base in Anbar Governorate in western Iraq, where American forces are present, was subjected to a missile attack on Wednesday, the second on the base within 3 days, and it also comes hours after the attack by a drone on Erbil International Airport, in which there is a dedicated part for the International Alliance.

A spokesman for the International Coalition, Wayne Maroto, said that “3 casualties were recorded as a result of the attack on Ain al-Assad with 14 missiles,” noting that more details will be announced later.

A militia calling itself the “Revenge of the Engineer Brigade” announced the responsibility of the attack on the Ain al-Assad base, with 30 “Grad” missiles.

Earlier, the director of the town of Al-Baghdadi, near the base, Sharhabeel Al-Obaidi, said in a statement that a truck carrying missiles was burned while some of them were fired towards the “Ain Al-Assad” base.

Local media also quoted a source from inside the base, confirming that 4 missiles fell inside Ain al-Assad.

Concern is increasing within the American capital with the publication of reports indicating that Iran is developing its arsenal of drones, which can easily reach its allies inside Iraq. A senior military official told Politico, “The increasing number of drone attacks represents an escalation aimed at increasing pressure on Washington to withdraw troops from Iraq, and these drones now carry larger payloads and are more accurate than before.”

Meanwhile, Aaron David Miller, a former State Department official and now an expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, warned of the danger of an escalation of military operations in Iraq between Washington and Tehran.

He said, “Iran and the Iraqi militias supporting it are engaged in a very dangerous game of using drones. Attacks have been escalating since January, while the United States is trying to restore deterrence. If Americans are killed because of these attacks, we will enter into an endless cycle of escalation.” “.


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