Shocking number.. Club House user data is up for sale


Today, Saturday, a Swiss security expert revealed that the database of phones used by the “Club House” application is for sale in the “Dark Web”, noting that it includes 3.8 billion phone numbers.

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Clubhouse scandal

The Swiss expert, Mark Reeve, said in a tweet on his Twitter account, “This list does not include the numbers of users of the application, but the numbers of people whose information has been synchronized from the contact lists of application users.”

He pointed out that there are “high chances that everyone is on this list even if he does not have an account with Club House.”

Everyone has his data hacked!

The app uses these phone numbers to check how often their owners appear in the contacts of other Clubhouse members, so even if you’re not interested in joining the app, it “knows” your name, your mobile phone number, and the number of your friends on its network. Violation of many data protection regulations.

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Two days ago, the operator of Club House announced that it was canceling the requirement to obtain an invitation to join the application.

10 million waiting

The founders of the application, “Paul Davison” and “Rohan Seth”, explained that there are approximately ten million people on the waiting list to join the application during the coming period.

A company spokesperson confirmed that this number of users will be gradually added to the application over time.

The application allows its users to enter virtual rooms to conduct audio discussions on various topics, which is unlike other social networks, which rely heavily on writing, as the application’s platform is based on voice, which makes it look like an interactive “podcast” or a group call.

And the fame of “Club House” began since the beginning of this year, when American billionaire Elon Musk said that he usesClubHouse‘, until it spread widely around the world.

Shocking number.. App users data
Shocking number.. Club House user data is up for sale


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