Sherif Desouky, a story in the Art Institute.. What is the story?


Abdullah Abu Deif (Cairo)

After a long period of confusion and bad luck, the ordeal of the artist Sherif Desouki turns into a grant, as he is scheduled to meet with the students of the Institute of Arts this week, to talk about his roles and the ordeal he was exposed to and the lessons learned during all the stages of his artistic and personal life.

The artist, Sherif Desouki, has already completed all the health permits that allow him to return to his artistic life naturally, as he is scheduled to return to film the second part of the series “100 Wishes”, which achieved great success during the first part of his show in Ramadan before last with the artist Nelly Karim and the artist. Aser Yassin.

After his release from the hospital, Desouki met the artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the actors and the artist Mounir Makram, during a friendly session that brought them together in his first appearance, as he was sitting in a wheelchair before installing the prosthesis, where he appeared in the session singing a song.

The artist, Sherif Desouki, spoke about his wish during the coming period, after his leg was amputated, and he entered the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Hospital, and then his willingness to participate in a number of artworks.

Sharif said: “I dream of my life getting an award and the flag of Egypt being raised behind me on the Republican anthem music, and this step came very close, so I thank the President of the Republic for my support during the recent period.”

Sherif Desouky revealed his artistic future during the coming period, and said: “I have a short fiction film with the students of the Higher Institute of Cinema. I will go to them for filming during the next week because most of the scenes are while I am sitting.”


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