“She looked drunk!”..a loyal actress attacks her followers in a live broadcast during a concert by a famous Lebanese singer (video)


Syrian actress loyal to the Assad regime, Lilia al-Atrash, attacked her followers through her account on a social platform, while transmitting a live broadcast of a concert belonging to a famous Lebanese singer on Friday night.Loyal local websites circulated a clip in which the actress recorded a live broadcast, in which she attacks those interacting with her broadcasts, using obscene phrases, during her attendance last night at a concert by Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury.

And Al-Atrash addressed her followers through her personal account on Instagram, in a way that is not without arrogance, in which she said that she is broadcasting a live concert for Wael Kfoury, and added: “If he corrects you, you will watch over him for a hundred years, blindness in your heart are animals and donkeys.”

In light of this, a number of observers accused Al-Atrash of making fun of the situation that plagued the Syrians with electricity cuts for long hours, the high levels of poverty in Assad’s control areas, and the erosion of the monthly income of the vast majority of Syrian families, while Al-Atrash enjoyed an artistic concert without the others.

And it became clear during Al-Atrash’s talk through her broadcast that she was drunk, and seemed unbalanced in her responses, which targeted her followers with defamation and insults, and Al-Atrash responded to one of her followers, who accused her of being unbalanced because of drinking alcohol: “You hit and drink, animal.After the wave of insults, Al-Atrash seemed to greet one of her followers, addressing him in the name of Johnny, inviting him to come to her, and then it became clear that a comment belonged to the Syrian actress Jenny Esber on Al-Atrash’s broadcast of the concert.

This incident comes only months after the controversy raised by actress Lilia Al-Atrash, by publishing a picture of her on social media, in which she appeared to be wearing revealing clothes and sitting in one of the cafes in Dubai, in the Emirates.
Her followers accused her of obvious nudity in her clothes in an effort to obtain the golden residency granted by the UAE to a large number of Syrian actors residing there, in addition to her obsession with performing multiple cosmetic surgeries that changed her features, which prevented many of her followers from recognizing her identity.Al-Atrash had previously interrupted her live broadcast on social media because a Syrian young man entered the broadcast with her and insulted the Assad regime by saying: “Cursing Hafez’s soul in his grave… Assad curses his grave.” As soon as Atrash heard the phrase in which the young man spoke, she became angry and began to curse him, then disconnected.

Lilia al-Atrash is a Syrian actress who hails from the Suwayda Governorate, where a large part of its people stood against the Assad regime and its massacres against the Syrians. However, Lilia continued to support and defend Bashar al-Assad, like a large number of actors.


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