“Sharjah Media Training” opens the door for registration in the “Future Media” program – Think and Art – Culture


The Sharjah Media Training Center, affiliated to the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, announced the opening of registration, yesterday, for the free summer training program “Future Media”, in its fifth session, which will take place from 1 to 25 August.

The center explained that the program attracts young people from the age group between 10 and 16 years, and registration lasts for a week.

The center stated that it will continue to provide the program (remotely), through the “Zoom” video communication application, in compliance with the precautionary measures followed, with regard to confronting the spread of the new “Corona” virus “Covid 19”, provided that the number of trainees is approved during the registration week.

The “Future Media” program, which is presented by qualified trainers from the cadres working in the authority, aims to familiarize the participants with the basics of media work, its importance, and its developmental role in society, in addition to developing their skills in the arts of media work, radio and television, such as recitation, presentation, vocal performance and body language. Public speaking, in addition to training them on creative writing skills, digital media, media work ethics, as well as the technical and artistic side of media work.



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