Shaila Sabt and Fouad Abdel Wahed raise controversy with a new romantic image


The artist, Shaila Sabt, published a picture that she collected with the artist Fouad Abdel Wahed and commented only by saying: Praise be to God .. and a reference to the artist Fouad.

Sila Sabt from her Instagram account

Questions arose from her fans to find out the reason for publishing this picture and writing this phrase, and her audience began to congratulate her, and some expected that it was a work that would bring them together or a new clip, and some asked about the reason for the picture, but she did not comment.
The artist Fouad Abdel Wahed also put the same picture, and in his account he did not write, but referred to Shaima and put only a rose.

Haifa Hussein congratulates them on her Instagram account

His fans and followers were bombarded with comments, and some said, thank God for the connection, and some blessed, and there are those who asked about the picture, but the artist Fouad did not answer.

But the artist Haifa Hussein answered these questions when she posted a picture and commented on Instagram Live and wrote: I congratulate my sister Sheila and Brother Fouad on their marriage contract, and may God make you happy and grant you good offspring, Lord.
It is noteworthy that Shaila Sabt is a Bahraini actress and model, known for her appearance in the Bahrain Top Model competition, where she won Miss Bahrain in 2010.

She is from an artistic family; Since her mother is actress Fatima Ismail, and her sisters are actresses, Shaima, Shatha and Abrar, she started acting as a child with the help of her older sister Shaima, by participating in a small role in the Saudi series The Abu Ruwaished Family.

As for the artist, Fouad Abdel Wahed, he is a Yemeni artist, who won the title of Gulf Star for 2010 in the competition organized by Dubai TV, which lasted 13 weeks, and he was crowned with the title, and he was handed the competition shield. He released his first album, entitled “Fouad Abdel Wahed 2016”, and included 18 songs, in which he collaborated with several poets and composers from the Gulf and Yemen, most notably the artist Salah Al-Zadjali.


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