Set the latest frequencies of the 2021 Al-Dawa channel on the Nilesat satellite


Al Dawa channel frequencies 2020, Al Dawa channel is one of the Islamic channels that shows many Islamic programs and Islamic courses, where many people search for the frequency of the Islamic Dawa satellite channel to get unique Islamic content, and we will show the latest frequencies of the Al Dawa channel on the Nilesat satellite.

Dawa channel content 2020 قناة

Al-Da’wah channel provides comprehensive Islamic content, such as a statement of interpretation of the Noble Qur’an and an explanation of all the hadiths of the Messenger, upon him be the best prayer and peace. Shows the origins of the Islamic religion, and Al-Dawa channel presents a group of interesting and targeted Islamic programs that explain the teachings of the Islamic religion in a correct manner and do not exaggerate them.

The frequency of the invitation channel 2021

Al-Dawa channel addresses all groups to distinguish its programs with simplicity and provides special content for children to teach them the etiquette and teachings of the Islamic religion. Due to the frequent follow-up of the Al-Dawa channel, we show you from our site the strongest frequency of the Al-Dawa channel on the Nilesat satellite to watch religious programs for all the family Now receive the new frequencies DAAWAH channel on the Nile satellite Sat and tune your Istiqlal device to the following frequency:

Moon: Nilesat

Frequency: 12687

Polarization: horizontal

Coding: 27500

Correction factor: 5/6

Channel Quality: SD

Or the receiver can be tuned to the following frequency for the Islamic Call satellite channel:

Moon: Nilesat

Frequency: 10727

Coding factor: 27500

Correction factor: 5/6

Channel Quality: SD


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