Security forces arrested those involved in the murder of a person after leaving Beirut airport


The Public Relations Division of the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces indicated that “the dawn of the date 7/12/2021, and during the movement of the citizen (A. S., born in 1965) from Beirut International Airport to Tayouneh, accompanied by one of the company’s employees.” Silver Winx” while he was transporting a bag containing an amount estimated at about / 400,000 dollars to the company’s office. A dead body, and they fled to an unknown destination.

She explained in a statement, that “as a result of the forensic doctor’s examination, it was found that the victim had suffered a severe heart attack after being exposed to a state of great fear as a result of the kidnapping, which led to his death on the spot. Accordingly, orders were given and the specialized units in the Information Division proceeded with The Internal Security Forces are taking their procedures to reveal all those involved in the operation, and as a result of the tireless efforts, investigations and intensive investigations, the division has managed to reveal their identities, namely: S.M. (born in 1987, Lebanese), the mastermind, sister of the victim’s wife, and M.N. (born in 1971, Lebanese), B.T. (born in 2000, Syrian), HH (born in 1998, Lebanese), B.A. (born in 1973, Lebanese), and H.A. (born in Lebanon in 1973) 1980, Lebanese), Q. J. (born in 1989, Syrian), and three of them, namely: (B. A.), (H. A.) and (Q. J.) have a history of robbery and theft.” .

The directorate pointed out that “on the dates of 15, 16 and 17-7-2021, and after careful monitoring and control, a special force of the division was able to carry out raids and ambushes in the areas of Tyre, Baabda and Dahia, which resulted in the arrest of all those involved, and the seizure of 4 cars. “Mercedes”, “Infiniti”, “BMX5” and “Rapid”.A search of the detainees, the cars and their homes, the following were seized: 3/ 3 military pistols with their ammunition and a knife, a quantity of: hashish, salvia, pills Narcotic (Captagon and Strawberry), 3/plastic boxes containing cocaine, a sum of $22.225/, and 18,849,000/ Lebanese pounds, /12/ cell phones, in addition to some jewellery.

She revealed that “by interrogating them, (S.M.) admitted that she was the planner and mastermind of the operation, and that she had monitored the victim from the moment he arrived at Beirut International Airport coming from Nigeria in conjunction with the second, third and fourth – they confessed what was attributed to them – and that she provided the group that will be executed. The operation with the specifications and number of the car in which the victim was taken after leaving the airport.They also admitted trying to carry out this operation on an earlier date, but it was unsuccessful.Also, B.A., H.A. and Q.C. admitted that they had carried out an operation. The victim’s car was intercepted in the Tayouneh locality, kidnapped and taken to the Choueifat area, and stole the money bag./3/ motor vehicles purchased by the perpetrators from the stolen money were seized, and /2/ cars used in the surveillance operation.

The directorate confirmed that “the legal requirement was carried out against them, and they were deposited with the seized reference, based on the judicial signal, and work is continuing to arrest the eighth suspect.”


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