Scientists claim to discover a parallel universe to our universe in Antarctica


Scientists claim to discover a parallel universe to our universe in Antarctica

Scientists claimed to have discovered a very strange group of particles that were spotted in Antarctica, and they assumed the existence of a “parallel virtual world” or a “parallel virtual universe” for our universe in which we currently live.

A team of scientists led by Professor Peter Gorham, a specialist in experimental particle physics at the University of Hawaii, has detected strange particles through a special balloon equipped with scientific monitoring devices.

And the scientific journal, “cientist news”, confirmed in a research paper published under the title “We may have observed a parallel universe going back in time” that the team made an amazing discovery in 2016 after examining data recorded by a giant balloon “balloon” collected over a month and a half that placed Over the ice after providing it with specialized technical, scientific and technical equipment such as antennas.

According to the source, if these data are correct, “it will be in itself a huge scientific revolution,” as scientists claimed the existence of a parallel world to ours that can go back in time.

The balloon depicted continuous views of the frozen Antarctic landscape and its surroundings, covering an area of ​​about one million square kilometers, with the aim of “detecting high-energy particles from space.”

The first and second experiments did not lead to important results for scientists, but the third experiment detected very strange signals that the research team thought were just noises of little importance, but the examination provided contrary results.

The results of the tests applied to the recorded data indicated that this noise comes from a high-energy object “neutrino”, which is an electrically neutral elementary particle traveling in a straight line in space.

According to scientists, the strange thing about these signals is that their source is not far space, but rather they came from a mysterious place on the planet Earth. Scientists have tried hard to explain the existence of the source of the signals from Earth, where they presented several theories and hypotheses to explain this mysterious and strange phenomenon.

In general, the Earth is constantly bombarded with “collision” with high-energy cosmic rays coming from far space, and researchers are working to determine their origin by discovering the “neutrino” impact point because this will facilitate the inference of its path, but the recorded case on Earth is completely different.

The researchers rejected all theories and proposals presented to explain this strange phenomenon, and despite the strangeness of the matter, the scientists concluded a hypothesis that may constitute a revolution if it is correct.

The scientific team led by Professor Gorham concluded that the only logical hypothesis that could explain this phenomenon is the existence of a “parallel universe that works in contrast to ours” in which we currently live.

According to the source, in Antarctica there is a parallel world like a mirror that reflects everything, “plus and minus, left and right, past and future.” All things, scales and standards are overturned in this supposed world, according to the “Montecarlo” website.


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