“Sawaed Al-Aman” in Dubai Police


Dubai (Etihad)

Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidli, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Leadership Affairs in Dubai Police, witnessed the launch of the first version of the “Saeed Al-Aman” program, with the participation of 20 male and female students from the Board of Safety Ambassadors, distributed among 12 sub-departments in various public administrations, and their employment For a full month at the Dubai Police General Headquarters during the summer vacation.
The program was launched yesterday at the headquarters of the Dubai Police, in the presence of Fatima Al Balushi, Chairman of the Security Ambassadors Council in Dubai Police, Fatima Buhajeer, General Coordinator of the Positive Spirit Initiative, a number of council members, and participating students.
Major General Al Obaidli said: The Dubai Police General Command pays great attention to students of all stages, by involving them in the various programs and activities it implements during the year, due to the positive impact it has on society, its enhancement of security and safety, and its significant contribution to building a generation armed with science, knowledge and awareness.
Major General Al-Obaidli called on the participating students to benefit from the program, submit suggestions and notes, state their requirements for the implemented programs and activities, and put forward the topics they desire, assuring them that Dubai Police is supportive of the creative and distinguished, and an incubator for distinguished student talents, praising at the same time the role of parents for their keenness to Encouraging and supporting their children to develop their skills.
For her part, Fatima Al Balushi explained that the “Sawaed Al-Aman” program in its first version aims to develop the skills of the participating students, by assigning them work tasks in various departments in Dubai Police, noting that they are distributed among various specializations according to their inclinations and skills, and building on the activities that they distinguished in their schools.
She added that the student joins the program by working in one of the departments that were selected for him, and works for 3 days a week from nine in the morning until twelve in the afternoon, and his work is supervised by a coordinator from the Council of Security Ambassadors, and a coordinator from the department in which he works, and he is assigned job tasks It is commensurate with his capabilities, in addition to introducing him to police services, the role of the police, awareness and education programs, as well as his involvement in initiatives, activities and work teams.


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