Saudi stocks continue to rise after high requests in the “opening auction” .. and liquidity at 7.9 billion riyals


Saudi stocks ended their first session after the Eid al-Adha holiday, up 81 points, about 0.76 percent, to close at 10876 points, while the “MT30” index, which measures the performance of the leading shares, increased seven points by 0.52 percent, to close at 1444 points.
The market continued to grow for the fifth session in the longest daily rising streak in a month. The session witnessed a rush to the upside at its beginning, as the opening came higher than the closing of the previous session by a gap of 72 points by about 0.67 percent, after high requests in the “opening auction”. Despite the market’s strong start, it lost about half of the profits achieved during the session, and barely closed above the opening level, which shows the activity of sellers who affect the course of the market’s trading during yesterday’s session, which witnessed the return of global markets to trading after the weekend.
overall market performance
The general index opened at 10,867 points, and headed towards the highest point in the session at 10,955, gaining 1.5 percent. At the end of the session, the general index closed at 10876 points, gaining 81 points, by 0.76 percent. Liquidity decreased 6 percent by about 520 million riyals, to reach 7.9 billion riyals, while traded shares fell 8 percent by about 20 million shares, to reach 216 million traded shares, while deals rose 13 percent by about 44,000 deals, to reach 285 thousand. Deal.
Sector performance
Four sectors fell against the rise of the rest. The decline was led by “applications and technical services” by 0.5 percent, followed by “transportation” by 0.21 percent, and “food fragmentation” by 0.14 percent. While the rise was led by “media and entertainment” by 9.23 percent, followed by “public utilities” by 4.48 percent, and “medicines” by 2.57 percent.
The highest turnover was “basic materials” by about 28 percent, with a value of 2.3 billion riyals, followed by “banks” by about 13 percent with a value of one billion riyals, and “food production” by about 9 percent, with a value of 691 million riyals.
stock performance
The highest gain was led by “Research and Media” by 9.9 percent, to close at 167.40 riyals, followed by “Al-Sharqiya Development” share by 7.4 percent, to close at 110.60 riyals, and thirdly, “Shaker” share by 6.66 percent, to close at 33.65 riyals. On the other hand, the lowest shares were led by “Raydan” by 2.7 percent, to close at 30.20 riyals, followed by “Al-Ahly” share by 2.7 percent, to close at 54 riyals, and thirdly, “Sisco” share by 2.3 percent, to close at 49.25 riyals. .
The highest turnovers were “Chemanol” shares with a value of 468 million riyals, followed by “Al-Ahly” shares with a value of 439 million riyals, and “Al-Sharqiya Development” with a value of 264 million riyals.
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