Saudi news.. Immunization is a condition for entering the authorities.. and the overthrow of 4 citizens in possession of drugs


Between the Ministry of Interior’s announcement, 19,293 violations of Corona’s precautionary measures were seized, and 4 citizens were arrested in Riyadh in possession of drugs, a firearm and ammunition. Urgent newspaper The most important Saudi news, today, Sunday.

The US Embassy congratulates the Kingdom on the inclusion of «cultural fever» On the UNESCO list

Today, Sunday, the US Embassy in Riyadh congratulated the Kingdom for inscribing cultural rock art in the Hama Cultural District in Najran on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as a cultural site of exceptional value for human heritage.

«interior»: The entry into force of the immunization requirement to enter activities and use public transport .. the first of August

On Sunday, the Ministry of Interior announced the entry into force of the decision to require immunization to enter activities, events, establishments and use public transportation, starting from Sunday 22 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442 AH corresponding to August 1, 2021 AD, explaining that the decision relates to the entry of any economic, commercial, cultural, recreational or sports activity, Entering any cultural, scientific, social or recreational event.

«interior»: 4 Regions that top the list of Corona violations in the Kingdom within a week

The Ministry of Interior said that 4 regions topped the violations of precautionary and preventive measures against the Corona virus within a week, and the Riyadh region recorded the highest number with (6204), followed by the Eastern Province with (2571), then the Medina region with (2455), and the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region with ( 2001).

4 citizens arrested in Riyadh in possession of drugs, firearms and ammunition

Riyadh Police announced, on Sunday, the arrest of 4 citizens, in possession of narcotics, a firearm, ammunition, and equipment similar to security equipment. A Riyadh Police spokesman confirmed that they had been arrested and the initial legal measures were taken against them, and referred them to the Public Prosecution.

speaker «the health»: Resume giving the second dose to those who deserve it from all age groups

Today, Sunday, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, announced the resumption of giving the second dose to those who deserve it of all age groups, explaining that the number of doses of Corona Covid-19 vaccines in the Kingdom has reached 24369,731 doses given, in all Corona vaccine centers in the regions of the Kingdom, which It has more than 587 centers.

Health Spokesperson: 4 Corona mutations raise concern, and both doses must be taken

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, said that the worrisome coronavirus variants are: alpha, beta, and gamma, and the fastest spreading is delta, and to prevent it, two doses of the vaccine must be taken, adding that in the event of confirmed and direct contact with a person who was confirmed to be infected, the quarantine must be started. After 4 days, a smear is performed to be sure.

In the video.. A citizen stops his farm and property in Al-Baha to be an ongoing charity for his parents

Citizen Abdullah Al-Madani endowed his farms and property in Al-Baha, to be a tourist site by land for his parents. According to Al-Ikhbaria, Al-Madani called this endowment, located in the village of Al-Madan in Baljurashi governorate, “the parents’ farm.” To receive tourists with coffee, tea and popular food; This is the first initiative of its kind.

Registration begins for the first Saudi program for foreign scholarship in the field of space

The Saudi Space Authority announced the opening of the door for receiving applications for the first Saudi program for external scholarships that ends with employment in the field of space, which includes two tracks for students on their own account and for those who have obtained unconditional admission, in disciplines related to space sciences in the most prominent 30 universities around the world.

7 The hottest cities in the Kingdom today

The National Center of Meteorology announced that 7 cities in the Kingdom recorded the highest temperature today, explaining that the Kingdom’s hottest cities for today are Al-Nairiyah (automatic station) 46.9 degrees Celsius, noting that Qaisumah and Hafr Al-Batin recorded 48 degrees, while Qassim and Rafha recorded 46 degrees Celsius, while Al-Ahsa and Dammam recorded 44 degrees Celsius.

Zaaq: Today is the first day «the packer».. Snakes come out of their hiding and storms intensify

Meteorologist, Dr. Khaled Saleh Al-Zaqaq, said that today, Sunday, is the first season of “Al Marzam”, during which snakes come out of their hideouts due to the intense heat of the earth, adding that during this period moisture spreads on the coasts, and the wind blowing that raises dust and dust intensifies on the degraded areas Ghubra season).

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