Saudi emergency forces organize stoning ritual


Saudi emergency forces organize stoning ritual


Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Every season, the Special Emergency Forces of the Saudi Security Presidency put their tight security footprint to provide a high flow of movement of pilgrims in the holy sites, and its members contribute to organizing the stoning

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Saudi Arabia.. Hajj security determines the only category allowed to enter the Great Mosque of Mecca and the holy sites

The forces monitor Mina to prevent any violation of the Hajj regulations, as thousands of officers and individuals follow the field work, supported by a command and control center that monitors the site directly and in real time through 500 cameras behind specialized teams with accumulated security expertise to manage and organize crowds.

Members of the Special Emergency Forces organize the ritual of throwing pilgrims, diverting pilgrims to special paths in one direction and preventing reversal, in addition to forbidding sitting in the corridors and roads in the holy sites and ensuring the orderliness of all those entering the Jamarat Bridge and working to achieve safety and security for the pilgrims in order to achieve the directives of the leadership in providing comfort and stability for pilgrims.

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