Saudi Arabia threatens to ban 3 years of travel for those who visit the banned countries


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – An official source at the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that the penalty for those who travel to the countries to which travel is prohibited from the Kingdom due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, will be a three-year travel ban.

And the source said in statements carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA): “Referring to what was previously announced regarding the warning against travel to a number of countries, and in light of the continuing outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the spread of a new mutated strain of the virus, the ministry warns against traveling to countries that prohibit the instructions.” Traveling to it, and this is a clear violation of the announced instructions,” he said.

The source continued, “Information was received about citizens traveling to these countries where travel is prohibited, in violation and explicit deception of what was issued by the official authorities, which will expose anyone who is proven to be involved in this to legal accountability and heavy penalties upon his return, and prevent him from traveling outside the Kingdom for a period of ( 3) years,” he said.

The source stressed, “The continued ban on travel, whether directly or through another country, to the declared countries, and any other countries where the pandemic has not yet been controlled or the mutated strain of the virus has been proven to spread,” according to Wass.

And Saudi Arabia had issued a decision banning travel to the Emirates, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Ethiopia, in the context of addressing the Corona virus and its variants, according to the Ministry of Interior.


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