Saudi Arabia supports Malaysia with vaccines, preventive and medical devices


Saudi Arabia supports Malaysia with vaccines, preventive and medical devices

Half of the Kingdom’s population received a single dose of the vaccination

Monday – 16 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442 AH – 26 July 2021 AD Issue No. [

Vaccination of children from 12 to 18 years old continues in Saudi Arabia (SPA)

Jeddah: Asmaa Al-Ghabri

Saudi Arabia is running an air bridge to Malaysia that includes medical aid and one million doses of the “Corona” virus “Covid-19” vaccine, which contributes to overcoming the effects of the pandemic, after the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, directed the “King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action.” To urgently support Malaysia with medical and preventive equipment and supplies.
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah, Adviser at the Royal Court and General Supervisor of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action, stressed that the aid includes securing one million doses of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, medical devices, care and treatment devices, preventive supplies and other medical needs. . He stressed that the Kingdom provided $713 million during 2020, in addition to providing vaccines to countries in need.
Yesterday, the number of Corona virus infections in Malaysia since the beginning of the pandemic exceeded the one million mark, after the Malaysian Ministry of Health recorded 17,045 new infections. This brings the total number of cases in the Southeast Asian country to one million and 13438.
On the local level, the Saudi Ministry of Health revealed yesterday the numbers of doses of the “Corona” vaccine in the Kingdom, which exceeded 24 and a half million doses through more than 587 vaccination sites in all regions of the Kingdom, while the percentage of those who received two doses of the vaccine reached 20%, while the number of people who received two doses of the vaccine was 20%. Immunize more than half of the Kingdom’s population with at least one dose.
The Ministry of Health urged everyone to register in the Sehaty application to obtain the vaccine for free, as part of the state’s measures to limit the spread of the new “Corona” virus and its variants, noting its wide expansion in the availability of dates for taking doses of the “Corona” vaccine.
And the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, stated that the epidemiological curve in the Kingdom is currently witnessing a state of stability and stability, while the “Corona” “Delta” mutator has caused renewed waves of infections around the world.
Al-Abd Al-Aali said that thousands of mutations and mutations were detected for “Corona”, only 4 of which are alarming (alpha – beta – gamma – delta), and the mutated “delta” virus is the most dangerous because of its rapid spread, stressing that one dose of the vaccine is not enough to resist “Delta” virus, and we call upon everyone to quickly complete the two doses for all eligible groups, which could be two doses of two different vaccines against Corona.
Yesterday, Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 1194 new infections with the emerging “Corona” virus that causes “Covid-19”, while 1164 cases were recovered, and 12 deaths were recorded, and the total number of cases cumulatively since the appearance of the first case in the Kingdom reached 518 thousand and 143 cases, from Among them, 10,847 active cases, most of them stable and their health conditions reassuring, of which 1408 are critical cases receiving care in intensive care, while the total recovery cases reached 499,129 cases, while the death toll rose to 8,167 deaths.
The Ministry of Interior also said that the statistics of violations of the precautionary measures and preventive measures against the “Corona” virus “Covid-19” within a week amounted to 19,293 violations, stressing the need to continue to adhere to the preventive measures and adhere to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities.
On the other hand, Kuwait announced the entry into force of the Cabinet’s decision to close all activities related to children, as of yesterday, to combat “Corona”, and a member of the Main Committee to monitor the implementation of the requirements related to combating the spread of the emerging “Corona” virus (Covid-19), Dr. The decision of the Council of Ministers to close all activities for children, including summer clubs, came into effect as of Sunday. Al-Mutawa, director of the Department of Infection Prevention at the Ministry of Health, added in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the committee stressed in its meeting yesterday, headed by its deputy chairman, Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, the importance of its field teams following up and monitoring all activities related to children and issuing violations against the owners of these activities. In the event of a violation of the decision of the Council of Ministers.
He explained that the aforementioned cabinet decision aims to limit the spread of the “Corona” virus in the country “because children are a factor of transmission of infection, when they contract (Corona) they may not show symptoms of the disease clearly or the symptoms are mild, and thus cause the transmission of infection.” to those around them faster.

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