Saudi Arabia foils smuggling of 2.1 million Captagon pills


Today, Friday, the Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority announced that it had thwarted an attempt to smuggle 2,144,180 Captagon pill At the Haditha port in the north of the Kingdom, pointing out that it was found hidden inside a consignment received through the port.

In this context, the authority said in a statement to “Al”, that “the consignment was received through cartons of “tomato paste”, carried on one of the trucks. When it was subjected to customs procedures and examined by X-ray machines, Captagon pills were found hidden in an industrial manner. Inside the lids of “tomato paste” cans, the lids were hollowed out for the purpose of smuggling and put the pills inside.

She also clarified that “manufacturer smuggling methods are one of the most prominent methods that smuggling owners use to try to pass such contrabands,” stressing that its land, sea and air outlets stand in the way of these attempts, which come within the framework of organized campaigns targeting the security and safety of society in Saudi Arabia.

The quantified values

The quantified values

In addition, she added, “the smugglers seek to exploit the days of the seasons and food consignments to try to smuggle contraband,” stressing in this regard that it always seeks to “tighten customs control over the kingdom’s imports using the latest security technologies.”

It is noteworthy that the authority was able in late June to thwart an attempt to smuggle a large amount of Captagon pills (more than 4.5 million tablets), found hidden in a consignment of “oranges” received through Jeddah Islamic Port.


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