Saudi Arabia.. Aramco admits to leaking company data


The Saudi energy company, Aramco, admitted Thursday evening that data about the company had been leaked through one of the contractors, stressing at the same time that this leak did not affect all of its official operations.

Saudi Aramco said in a statement that it had recently learned of an indirect leak of a certain and limited volume of its data held by external contractors, stressing that the data leak was not caused by a breach of its systems and has no impact on its operations, and the company will continue to maintain its strong cyber security.

Aramco, the world’s largest energy company, did not respond to a request for an answer about the possibility of a cyber attack or a ransom demand.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude oil exporter, has been criticized for its poor infrastructure, which has made it a target of cyberattacks in the past.

In 2012, Aramco was among the companies that were attacked by the “Shamoon” virus, which is capable of destroying information on computer hard disks, in the worst cyber attack targeting Saudi Arabia to date.


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