Saudi Arabia and 4 countries among the 10 most expensive places in the world to drink coffee


A study published by SavingSpot showed that Saudi Arabia and 4 countries are among the 10 most expensive countries in the world for a cup of coffee.

The study found that five countries in the Middle East – Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, the UAE and Saudi Arabia – are among the world’s 10 most expensive places to drink coffee, in stark contrast to neighboring Turkey and Iran, which offer the world’s cheapest coffee prices.

According to the study, coffee prices are expensive in East Asian countries as well. For example, a cup in Tokyo costs about $5.29.

Although tea is the main and traditional drink throughout Asia, the growth of coffee shop culture, particularly in the Middle East, has led to an increased demand for coffee across the region.

Among the most prominent results of the study is that in South Korea you will pay the highest cost for a cup of coffee, which averages $7.77 per cup, while in Tehran you will find the cheapest price, where you will pay $0.46 for a cup of coffee.

The study found that Luxembourg is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, with a consumption of 11.1 kg per year.

Nepal, India and Pakistan are among the world’s largest abstainers from coffee, with each country drinking less than 0.1 kg per person per year.

It relied on data from Statista, in which researchers measure the number of kilograms of coffee each person consumes in a year, and SavingSpot compiled a list of international capitals and studied the average cost of a cup of coffee in each location to get a better understanding of coffee use and price around the world.

Using TripAdvisor, SavingSpot calculated the average price of espresso, latte and cappuccino at five randomly selected capital cities.


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