Saudi Arabia .. 3.4 billion decrease in consumer spending during Eid


Consumer spending through points of sale declined during the week from July 18 to July 24, during the period that witnessed the Eid Al-Adha holiday by 35.7%, equivalent to 3.4 billion riyals, compared to the previous week ending on July 17, at the level of 6.12 billion riyals, compared to about 9.53 billion riyals. for the previous week.point of sale operations

The number of transactions executed through point of sale devices decreased during the past week by 20.4% and reached 84.71 million transactions, compared to 106.48 million transactions in the previous week. With regard to the sectors that spend the most, the restaurants and cafes sector topped the list with sales that reached 1.16 billion riyals through point of sale devices through 23.4 million executed transactions, then the food and beverage sector with sales equivalent to 1.07 billion riyals, and the education sector led the spending declines after its sales decreased by 93%, The expenditure amounted to about 3.13 million riyals.

At the level of cities, spending in Riyadh decreased by 41.5% to reach 1.67 billion riyals in point of sale sales, while spending in Jeddah amounted to about 0.89 billion riyals, compared to 285 million riyals in Dammam.


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