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A tweet by former Dubai Police Chief, Dhahi Khalfan, on Twitter, in which he said, “Today I have Houthis in Dubai, I treat them like brothers,” sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms.

The (Dhahi Khalfan) hashtag topped the list of the most circulated in Saudi Arabia, describing his speech as a “fall of masks” and that there is Emirati Houthi communication with evidence that the UAE has not been targeted by any of them for 6 years, according to them.

The Saudi writer, Wafaa Al-Rasheed, had responded to Khalfan, directing her speech to the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdullah bin Zayed, by saying, “I don’t know what will benefit from these comments.”

Khalfan commented on Al-Rasheed’s tweet, “I am talking about that a person has to love a person. This does not mean that a terrorist of any category is welcome in him. A person who understands humanity is welcome.” He added, “The problem, Doctor, is that not everyone on Twitter understands, and therefore no You ask me to understand each one.”

Which prompted Wafa to respond to it again by saying, “You are the only one who understands the apparent, because I did not understand from this sentence anything but a cross-border provocation to the Saudi people, all of whose children die every day at the hands of your Houthi brothers, do not plow with fire. Enemies lurking in us.”

Khalfan repeated the response to her, “Doctor, it is not necessary that my understanding be the same as your understanding, genius. Consider me as long as you are, I do not understand, but I remain a man who realizes that he does not bear the burden of another burden.”

Wafa commented, “I will not respond to you, because when I talk to you, I speak without projections. This is how we were raised, and this is how the political schools taught us the happiness of the team.”

To which Khalfan replied, “I do not base my speech on anyone. This is an accusation that is not acceptable to you.”

Before returning to clarify the truth of what he meant by saying, “In order for the doctor to understand, I must tell her, when the war against Al-Houthi began, I discovered that I had forty Houthis… they had been working for years before the war. For years they were in service.. they preferred to stay with us. We did not leave them. We know perfectly well that they have nothing to do with it.”

Saudi activists responded to Khalfan by reminding him of the deaths of the Emirati army in Yemen and considered his speech a provocation to the Saudi and Emirati soldiers who participated in the war against the Houthis in Yemen,” as they put it.

The Saudi writer Sultan Al-Tayyar commented, “A dangerous confession, the messages of the ally are getting clearer, despite the kingdom’s classification of the Houthis as a terrorist movement and their continuous targeting of its security.”

And the pilot continued, “Dahi is proud of their presence in the Emirates and treating them like brothers. What do they do for you? Do they oversee the smuggling of drones and missile parts?”

The Saudi writer and political researcher Mubarak Al-Ati responded by saying, “If you focus on your mission and in your city (Dubai) and leave these big issues to its people, it would have succeeded, and the Houthis will remain Houthis.”

Source : Aljazeera live + Social Media

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