Saud Medical Center: Tips to reduce chest sensitivity in children


Saud Medical Center: Tips to reduce chest sensitivity in children

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King Saud Medical City, represented by the Children’s Hospital, confirmed that with the spread of dust and the change of weather, children are exposed to chest allergies, and attention should be paid to them due to the spread of epidemics at the present time, such as the Covid 19 virus.

Consultant Pediatrician and Chest Diseases Dr. Abeer Al-Harbi explained that the most important symptoms include bouts of frequent coughing that increase when playing and during the night, breathing rapidly, chest pain, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Also, tension in the neck and chest muscles and a feeling of general weakness and fatigue, as well as in severe cases, it is difficult for the child to speak in continuous sentences.

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Regarding the reasons, Dr. Al-Harbi indicated that genetic susceptibility is one of the important reasons that lead to chest allergies in children, and the child’s low birth weight as well, exposure to smoke such as inhaling cigarettes, as well as the presence of pets in the home and exposure to chemicals and viral infections that cause cold.

Dr. Al-Harbi gave a number of tips to reduce infection, including avoiding exposure of the child to dust or smoke, and making sure to give the child the seasonal influenza vaccine, which protects him from exposure to colds, as well as avoiding direct exposure to cold air, such as sitting in front of air conditioners at home.

And also paying attention to the general health of the child and encouraging him to be active and moving, and making sure to eat healthy food to strengthen the immune system and eating types of fruits that contain a high percentage of vitamin C, while making sure to stay away from foodstuffs that the child is allergic to if he was previously diagnosed with food allergy.

In addition to ventilating the home furnishings, washing bed linens to get rid of dust that is present in them and cannot be seen with the naked eye, and finally, ensuring medical follow-up to provide care by prescribing appropriate medications.

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