Samir Geagea opens fire on Michel Aoun and Hezbollah


Mina Observatory – Lebanon

Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces Party, opened fire on Hezbollah and Michel Aoun, stressing that his party will not name anyone in parliamentary consultations.

He said in statements today, Friday: “With regard to binding parliamentary consultations, we as a bloc and in line with our previous positions and our conviction that it is impossible to reach any reforms as long as the duo Aoun-Hezbollah and their allies hold power, we will not name anyone in the two binding parliamentary consultations.”

On the other hand, the head of the Lebanese Forces Party considered that what is happening in the investigation of the Beirut port explosion is an additional crime, in addition to the August 4 crime, noting that there is an obstruction to the investigation started by Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Hezbollah.

He added: that his party will vote to lift the immunity of the deputies to appear before the judicial investigator. He said: “The petition in Parliament requests the trial of some deputies after accusing them before the Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers, and this is the biggest fraud operation,” noting that the Supreme Council does not have the authority because it is given to the judicial investigator in the Beirut explosion case.

In this context, Geagea pointed out that “the accusation requires two-thirds of the deputies before referring the deputies to the non-existent Supreme Council, so it was more useful for the organizers of the petition to vote with the lifting of immunities in order to appear before the judicial investigator.”

Geagea said, “We hear about attacks on the judicial investigator, and this is unfortunate, and there is an open attempt to obstruct the investigation, which began with Nasrallah and continues with others,” asking: “How do they allow themselves to interfere in the details of an investigation of this importance and accuracy? Are the ministers explosives experts?” No one asked them to do so, but the reports reached them and indicated the seriousness of the materials.


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