Salem Al-Dosari communicates with his fans via the HUAWEI Vision S smart screen


Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia organized a special event in which the distinguished Saudi football star Salem Al-Dosari surprised a number of his fans who purchased the smart screen HUAWEI Vision S By contacting them through the . feature MeeTime contained in the screen.

And some football fans, who have a smart screen, had the opportunity HUAWEI Vision STo connect with their favorite football star Salem Al-Dosari, nicknamed the Tornado, and talk about a range of topics. The call was made via a screen HUAWEI Vision S The smart one who created a new lifestyle in communication between family and friends.

and represent a screen HUAWEI Vision S The next generation of TVs that do more than just let users watch their favorite TV shows. The screen comes with a feature MeeTime For high definition audio and video calls 1080PIt has a 13-megapixel camera that can be magnetically attached to the screen to allow video calls and home photography in high definition.

During the sudden call, fans of Salem Al-Dosari also explored the difference that video calling over a screen makes HUAWEI Vision S. Through this event, Huawei aimed to bring the fans together with the brilliant player through a screen HUAWEI Vision S By providing a video calling experience similar to having a conversation with someone in the same room.

corresponding property MeeTime With Huawei smartphones*, making it more comfortable and convenient to use. Video calling feature MeeTime On the smart screen, the packet width can be adjusted automatically, allowing the system to automatically determine the quality of the network connection and lower the connection resolution when necessary. This will prevent video interruption and maintain smooth overall performance.

Consumers can also use the . feature MeeTime To make and receive calls directly from the screen HUAWEI Vision SThey can also transfer connections from other connected devices. Therefore, the user can make a call through a Huawei smartphone, and then easily transfer it to a screen HUAWEI Vision S. The smart display can then use the camera, display, and audio to display and follow up on the video call.

And these features don’t distract from what the screen has to offer HUAWEI Vision S of an immersive viewing experience and high sound quality. The screen is accurate 4K With a refresh rate of 120Hz, it allows users to never miss a moment of their favorite movie or sports event. Consumers don’t need to worry about eye strain, as the monitor has enterprise certification TÜV Rheinland In terms of low levels of harmful blue light, the adoption of TÜV Rheinland To relieve the eyes from flickering, allowing you to enjoy an extended viewing experience in the utmost comfort.

In terms of the audio experience, the screen Vision S It is not a traditional device, as the monitor can intelligently evaluate the displayed content and automatically adjust the sound and picture to suit the needs of the scene, providing the best audio and visual experience, without the need for any intervention on your part. If you are watching a sports match, the screen will switch to sports mode by itself, so you can enjoy a stronger feeling of immersive viewing.

Whether you are communicating with family and friends, or watching an unmissable football match, the HUAWEI Vision S Providing you with what you need, through the latest available technology. And you won’t believe unless you see the experience it offers.

*This feature is supported on Huawei phones/other phones running Android 8.0 or later, which have a screen app installed Vision; Huawei phones with a user interface can EMUI 10 Or later turn on this function via my app NotePad or MeeTime pre-installed. And there may be slight differences between different versions of the interface EMUI.


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