Sabah Al-Jazaery surprised her followers with a picture from her youth


The Syrian actress, Sabah Al-Jazaery, posted a photo on her Instagram account, which impressed her followers.
Sabah appeared in the photo as a young woman, and wrote a comment: “I came out of the distant time and carried with me the colors of life… I hid them inside me to be stronger for our days. I was and still is that girl…I.”

It was remarkable that the Syrian actresses Dima Al-Jundi, Nisreen Tafesh and Jumana Murad, commented, as Dima wrote: “Oh my soul, you give me your colors, may God protect you.” As for Nisreen, she said: “Beautiful beauties and six of all.. the energy of talent, charisma and love remains in the light of the sun.”
Joumana commented: “I was and still am the most beautiful woman.”
The Lebanese actress, Carmen Lebbs, also flirted with Sabah, saying: “Al-Hala.”


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