Sabah Al-Jazaery surprised followers with a picture from her youth.. Carmen Lebbs, Nisreen Tafesh and others are flirting with her


The Syrian actress postedAlgerian morningA photo on her social media account, which impressed her followers.
Sabah appeared in the photo as a young woman and attached a comment: “I came out of the distant time and carried with me the colors of life… I hid them inside me to be stronger for our days. It was me and still that girl…I.”
It was remarkable the comment of the Syrian actresses Dima Al-Jundi, Nisreen Tafesh and Jumana Murad, where Dima wrote: “Oh my soul, you give me your colors, may God protect you.” As for Nisreen, she said: “Beautiful beauties and six of all.. the energy of talent, charisma and love remains in the light of the sun.”
Joumana commented: “I was and still am the most beautiful woman.”
The Lebanese actress, Carmen Lebbs, also flirted with Sabah, saying: “Al-Hala.”


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