Russian Health Approves a Study of a Combination of “Sputnik Lite” and “AstraZeneca” Vaccines


Russian Health approves conducting a study of a combination of two vaccines

Reuters Dado Ruvic

The Russian Ministry of Health has approved the implementation of a joint study of a mixture of “Sputnik Lite” and “AstraZeneca” vaccines against the Corona virus that causes infection with “Covid-19”.

The Russian Government Registry of Medicines stated, in information published on Monday, that the health authorities had agreed to conduct a “simple, blinded and random study for the first and second stages to determine the extent of safety and effectiveness in creating immunity” for a mixture of the two vaccines to prevent the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”.

The Russian government registry indicated that the first and second phases of the tests will take place in 5 medical institutions, and the study will be carried out until March 2, 2022, with the participation of 150 people who will be vaccinated with the mixture of the two vaccines by injection into the muscles.

And the Russian Ministry of Health had previously refused in March 2021 to conduct a study of a mixture of the “Sputnik V” and “AstraZeneca” vaccines due to the absence of necessary documents and information.

Source: Russian agencies


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