Ruling of religion in the adoption of Houria Farghali for two children of determination: forbidden in this case


Houria Farghali

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A big surprise was revealed by the artist, Houria Farghali, who announced that she had adopted two children with special needs, during her talk to Al-Watan.

The artist confirmed that she has been spending on them and taking care of them completely for several years, and she visits them from time to time, but she does not visit them continuously because she does not want to see them in this condition they are going through.

And this adoption is not the first for Houria Farghali, so the artist revealed that she had adopted the child of the maid who was working with her and was not Egyptian. .

Adoption always falls within the circle of controversial questions about the extent of its religious permissibility, and the difference between it and sponsorship, to which the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, referred to in his honorable hadith: “I and the one who sponsors an orphan are like these two in heaven…and he pointed with his index and middle fingers.”

The ruling on religion in the adoption of Houria Farghali for two children of determination

The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa had previously talked about adoption and the rule of religion in it, stressing that adoption is forbidden by Sharia, in the event that a person takes another child as his son, and Islam has nullified all its effects; God said: )oma made Odeiakm sons. That is your argument Bofuahkm God says it is right to guide the way to their parents * Invite them is God, the premium on not learned to their brothers in religion and Mwalikm( [الأحزاب: 4- 5].

And he commanded the one who sponsors someone not to attribute him to himself, but to attribute him to his father if he has a known father. If his father is ignorant, he is called a master and brother in religion, thus preventing people from changing the facts, and protecting the rights of the heirs from loss or diminution.

Houria Farghali’s upcoming work

Houria had recently signed contracts for her new series, “Ayam wa Bnaishha” with Sherry Adel, and it is currently being prepared in preparation for its winter presentation on one of the satellite channels and platforms.


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