Ruby is waiting inadvertently and five songs


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The actress announced ruby About her contract on a mini album for the summer of 2021, which is scheduled to include five songs that will be released at separate intervals.

Ruby collaborates with the most important song makers in the Arab world

Ruby collaborated on the album with producer Mohamed Rashidi and a number of the most important song makers in the Arab world
Among the poets are Mustafa Hassan and Saber Kamal, the composers are Bilal Sorour, Muhammad Hamza and Muhammad Yahya, and the distributors are Ahmed Adel, Amin Nabil, Hani Yaqoub and Ahmed Ibrahim.

The date of the release of the song “Ala Sahwa”

The first song, “Ali Sahwa”, is scheduled to be released next August. It is written by Saber Kamal, composed by Bilal Sorour, and distributed by Ahmed Adel.

Ruby is waiting "inadvertently" and five songs

Ruby contracts Ramadan Fawazir

On the other hand, it was announced that Ruby contracted Ramadan Fawazeer, as an agreement and an official contract was made between Amr Kamal, head of “Synergy Content” with producer Walid Mansour, chairman of the board of directors of “Talent Media Production” to produce and implement a huge show work for episodes with the initial name “Fawazir Ruby.” Presented by artist Ruby.

Currently, he is writing the episodes of “Ruby’s Fawazeer” and selecting the directing crew, executors of the shows and other international decorations and techniques of filming to get the work as a whole to the highest degree of professionalism

Ruby and the series “Apartment 6”

On the other hand, the artist Ruby is filming her scenes in the series “Apartment 6… The Third Eye”, and the audience is waiting for it to be shown next Ramadan 2021.

The series “Apartment 6… The Third Eye” belongs to the genre of excitement, mystery and suspense with escalating events, and belongs to the genre of horror suspense and consists of 15 episodes. During the events, the heroine experiences an unusual experience with supernatural worlds that leads her to reach a set of facts that will change the course of her life. And the path of the characters around.

A large number of stars participate in the work championship alongside Ruby, most notably the artist Sherif Salama, the great artist Salah AbdullahArtist Mahmoud Al-BazzawiActress Rehab El-Gamal, the artist Haya Fayyad, in addition to the young artist Hamza Al-Aili, and the young artist Malak Qura, and it was written by (Different Art Company), the script and dialogue by (Rafik Al-Qadi, Souad Al-Qadi, Mahmoud Waheed, Nabil Shuaib) and directed by Mahmoud Kamel.


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