Riyadh Newspaper | The Saudi Space Authority announces the start of registration for the external scholarship program in space sciences


The Saudi Space Authority announces the start of registration for the external scholarship program in space sciences

The Saudi Space Authority announced the opening of the door for receiving applications for the first Saudi foreign scholarship program that ends with employment in the field of space, which includes two tracks for students on their own account and for those who have obtained unconditional admission, in disciplines related to space sciences in the most prominent 30 universities around the world.

The authority allows those wishing to register to apply for the program by filling in the “application form” with the correct data attached to the necessary documents on the “space scholarship program” platform, so that the authority will then match the documents and subject all documents and applications to scrutiny, and then the personal interview followed by the acceptance stage, where the decision is issued by the administration The program is based on the applicant’s request and is notified via the email registered in the program’s electronic registration platform, all the way to joining the scholarship.

The first phase of the scholarship program begins at the bachelor’s and master’s levels in the field of space in the specializations of aerospace engineering, space sciences and space policies, provided that the applicant be a Saudi national, be of good conduct, obtain direct and unconditional acceptance in the field of space specializations or be a student At their own expense in the specified universities with the required specializations, in addition to complying with the provisions and controls of the scholarship conditions in force in the Ministry of Education

It is noteworthy that the program includes many benefits offered to male and female students by joining a scientific mission that ends with employment in the space sector, including study costs and financial guarantee, in addition to health insurance and travel tickets from the Kingdom to the mission headquarters, and providing guidance programs by following up on the scholarship student and evaluating his academic development.

The authority invited all those wishing for more information to enter the link: https://saudispace.gov.sa/projects-ar/scholarship.

The scholarship program comes within the Commission’s plans to achieve global leadership in space sciences, and achieve the Kingdom’s aspirations and leadership in the sector, while working through many paths to achieve global leadership in space sciences, including human capital development, qualification of competencies, and ensuring the availability of qualified national outputs that are compatible with the needs Operation in the space sector in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.



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