Riyadh Newspaper | Saudi tourism..imposing its name on the world map as it turns into an attractive economic sector


Saudi tourism..imposing its name on the world map as it turns into an attractive economic sector

Domestic tourism in the Kingdom has achieved rapid growth in light of the Corona pandemic through the application of precautionary measures, and the concerned authorities have been able to market tourist destinations until the Kingdom has become a tourist name on the local and global map, on its journey to the expected goal of 100 million visitors to the Kingdom according to Vision 2030.

The Kingdom is working on developing infrastructure and services in order to prepare for increased demand in line with the Kingdom’s tourism strategy, as memoranda of understanding worth more than 115 billion riyals have been signed to improve infrastructure.

In this direction, the Kingdom has adopted the National Tourism Strategy, which outlines the sector’s ambitions that are in line with the aspirations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as it aims to raise the tourism sector’s contribution to the GDP from 3% as it is today, to more than 10% in 2030 The tourism sector also aims to provide one million additional job opportunities, bringing the total to 1.6 million jobs in the tourism sector, and also aims to attract 100 million international and local annual visits.

For his part, the head of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality at Umm Al-Qura University, Dr. Muhammad Baqader, that the Kingdom is part of the world, as it was affected, like other countries, by the Corona pandemic directly, and the tourism sector is one of the most affected sectors in the world, by virtue of the fact that planes, guest houses and food are linked to the global transportation process, especially since entertainment is an important aspect of people and is considered An annual habit that depends on the climatic seasons.

Baqader pointed out that the Corona pandemic shed light on the internal tourist sites that existed for a long time, but they needed to be reconsidered and redeveloped to become sites that attract local, regional and global tourists, and therefore the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture played a powerful role in promoting domestic tourism, noting that The tourism product and location is the main element for the success of tourism, and Baqader pointed out that the Kingdom is rich in these sites, and the two ministries have begun to consider these tourism products a serious look, to become sustainable resources, and the Kingdom’s vision 2030 directly depends on the development and development of domestic tourism, so that it constitutes 10% Of the revenues, in addition to petroleum products, on the tourism and hospitality sector, Baqader explained that if the development of various tourist sites continues at this pace, we will actually have annual tourist attractions not only for local or regional tourists, but for international tourists as well.

In turn, the Vice Dean of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality at Umm Al-Qura University, Dr. Reem Al-Hasani, that the Kingdom is witnessing a great renaissance in the current period in various aspects, most notably the tourism aspect, which is considered one of the priorities of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. In resorts and hotels at the highest levels, as it has become one of the leading countries in tourism and compete with others as well, in addition to this, the diversity in restaurants in all cities of the Kingdom and in tourist destinations in particular, to suit the taste of tourists at a very high level of exclusivity, and Al-Hasani pointed out, that This distinction and progress in the tourism sector is taking place in the most difficult period that the whole world is going through, which is the Corona pandemic, but under the wise leadership in the Kingdom and by applying precautionary measures, the concerned authorities were able to market these internal tourist destinations, and move forward towards the world, as the Kingdom became one of the destinations tourism locally and internationally.

The Ministry of Tourism revealed the human capital development strategy programs in the tourism sector, which consist of 15 programmes, the most prominent of which is the tourism scholarship program, an elite program to raise capabilities and knowledge in cooperation with the best international and local universities specialized for the diploma, bachelor, master and doctoral levels in line with the needs of the future tourism labor market, and a program Training ending with employment, which is a qualification program designed to meet the needs of the current tourism labor market by developing a professional mindset, gaining basic knowledge and developing the skills of the sector and linking them to seasonal, partial or permanent jobs in all regions of the Kingdom, and the Applied Training Program, which is a dual qualification program that combines theoretical education The practical application is implemented in cooperation with tourism facilities to raise the level of professional skills through refining real experiences and specialized knowledge, and the Hafawa Program, a national program that aims to develop the capabilities of workers in the tourism sector and supporting sectors on behavioral skills and highlight the values ​​and generosity of authentic Saudi hospitality to enrich the experience of tourists and guests of the Kingdom. and professional accreditation certificates, and specializes in supporting Workers and practitioners in the tourism sub-sectors at all professional stages to adopt their knowledge, abilities and skills according to international standards and classification in cooperation with international tourism organizations, and the Leadership Development Program, a program that targets elite workers with expertise and high potentials to develop their leadership skills, decision-making skills and dealing with others to prepare them for leadership positions and positions Decision-making in the tourism sector, the Executive Education Program, which is considered a developmental program for senior executives and heads of tourism facilities to enhance change leadership skills, effective communication and building business partnerships to upgrade the performance level of departments and raise the competitiveness rate in the sector, and the e-tourism education platform, which is a specialized interactive platform that provides a set of programs The educational, development and rehabilitation program using advanced methods, virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence to enhance the educational experience, and the secondment training program, which is a professional development program that targets workers in national and international tourist facilities for temporary work in an emerging work environment to expand their horizons and develop their abilities to adapt in a new environment, and a program Tourism establishments camp, which is an intensive program that enables pioneers, women entrepreneurs, and productive families with creative ideas in the tourism sector to build their entrepreneurial skills and transform their ideas into a viable innovative prototype and create a sustainable business entity, and the Tourism Business Accelerator Program, which aims to accelerate the growth of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises in A record period of time presented by practicing entrepreneurs and specialized experts through workshops, counseling sessions and development activities that qualify them to increase revenues and opportunities to attract investment and support, and the Capacity Building Program for Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises, which is a set of short-term intensive development programs aimed at building the capacities of workers and owners of tourism establishments according to a framework The internationally accredited tourism professional classification and competencies in cooperation with the best educational institutions and houses of expertise to improve the level of service quality and increase productivity, the Startup Studio, a multi-track program characterized by providing strategic, marketing, legal and financial support to enable small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, reduce costs, increase professionalism and commercial productivity, and the Innovation Complex and Tourism Entrepreneurship, a complex for male and female entrepreneurs that aims to create an attractive and stimulating environment to build a vibrant community that contributes to the growth of the tourism sector in the Kingdom and provides several attractive services and facilities that serve all groups in the tourism sector with the highest international standards, and the Tourist Destinations Challenge Program, a community and entrepreneurial program that promotes the principle of Open innovation by posing challenges experienced by tourist destinations to come up with the best innovative solutions to create an attractive environment for tourists and investors in tourist destinations.



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