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Our journey in the Olympic Games began relatively late despite the establishment of the UAE Olympic Committee in 79, and our participation began with the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, that is, 5 years after the establishment of our Olympic Committee, that followed the establishment of the sports movement in the country that took its official form since the beginning of the seventies, where We participated in several collective courses, such as the Arab Schools Courses in Beirut and Alexandria in the year 75, the Arab Games in Damascus and the Asian Games in Bangkok in the year 78.

For history, and we are currently in the tenth participation in the Tokyo Olympics, we shed light on these participations in a simplified manner according to our local vision, away from the opinion of the international news agencies that supplied our local media, which, unfortunately, depend entirely on those agencies, and personally I consider it a negative aspect, as they lack Agencies sometimes follow up on the spirit of journalistic follow-up with local tendencies closely, and these coverages are also absent from the search for exclusives and personal observations, although there are some interpretations that we mark by ten in the media coverage.

In general, our first Olympic presence came in 1984 with eight players in one game of athletics, and the Olympic delegation was headed by Ahmed Al Fardan, the real Olympic man, whom I had the honor to accompany in many courses held under the supervision of the UAE Olympic Committee.

“Burashid” was truly an Olympic administrator in the correct sense. He was present from the early morning in all the squares and halls, to the extent that he tired us and exhausted us in the morning, but we were feeling fun and useful, as such courses are not only for results, the event and the wedding are big and have multiple meanings that we wish to know and understand.

The time of good men loyal to sports, whom I remembered today, and I remembered when the delegation included Major General Salem Obaid, who is proud to have taken the first shot of the state flag when the parade queue passed, and Obaid Al-Majer, and colleague Abdullah Ibrahim as a media escort, and Ali Al-Maloud as administrator.. Beautiful days and memories Don’t forget.. the end of the saying, Olympic participation has standards and origins away from strategies!.. God is behind the intent



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