Reham Saeed announces her retirement for the third time due to illness and asks for help from these people


Cairo – Sama Gaber

  Wed, Jul 21, 2021 - 15:44    </span>

The Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, sparked controversy during the past hours, after she announced her retirement from media work once and for all and decided to focus in the field of acting.

Reham Saeed announces her retirement from the media field

Reham Saeed surprised the audience with a long post, in which she revealed that she decided to stay away from media work completely, coinciding with her diabetes, and she also decided to focus on her main profession as an actress, and Reham wrote through her account on Instagram: “I thought a lot before writing this post, I retired. Acting in 2015 because I felt that the owner of Palin was a liar and that acting affected the path of goodness that I started with for many years because of the time and effort to do his work, but my love for acting is my study and my first profession before the media.

Reham added: “I knew that in order to take a place as an actress, I would have to leave the media as – while preserving the titles – Dalia Al-Behairi, Basma, Dina Fouad, Dina El-Sherbiny and others, but I was not able to leave my message, which was very important at the time, I had many problems from this profession with a false influence from Social media is made up of competitors and enemies because of the very high viewing and success.. I am tired and feel that I have given everything that is possible to advance.. and I am honored that I worked in this great profession that has a lofty and great message.

Reham Saeed seeks help from Ashraf Zaki and Kamela Abu Zekry

And the Egyptian media continued: “I, thank God, have achieved in acting, and all that I worked with knew people and worked in all valuable works, but after the sugar and some other problems, I decided to do what I love. Unfortunately, I announced my retirement from the media completely and focused as an actress and asked Dr. Ashraf Zaki to help me. I am changing the idea in the directors and producers’ minds that I am a broadcaster… and a message for Professor Kamel Abu Zekry and it is not covered up, I would like to act with you even if a scene… This is one of my dreams.”

Reham Saeed confirmed that what she is doing now is a difficult step and carries a great risk, but she will take that risk, in her desire to realize an old dream for her and in order to enjoy a job she loves, sending a message to her fans: “Matsebush is your dream, no matter how late the time, thanks to my audience of mothers and youth And the children who always support me and love my programs and learn from them, and I thank God for twenty years. He gave me the opportunity for them to fulfill people’s needs and provide everything that is useful. I am proud of every episode and every letter I presented. 20 years of hard work, staying up late, and determination to present the truth. The main thing that I was too late to achieve, O Lord, help me and help me.”

Reham Said and retire more than once!

This was not the first time that Reham Saeed announced her retirement, as in 2014 she decided to retire from art and devote herself to the media, but she could not adhere to the decision to retire art and participated in some works since that time in conjunction with the presentation of artistic programs, and among these works is the series “Sat Able” “In 2016, and the play “Rasmi Fahmy Nazmi” in the same year, in addition to the series “Wadi El-Jin”, which was shown at the beginning of this year on one of the electronic platforms.

And in 2019, coinciding with her famous crisis and accusing her of criticizing and attacking overweight people, and stopping her program at the time, Reham came out in an official statement through her account and confirmed that she decided to completely stay away from the artistic and media field and apologized to those who were angry at her statement, where she said: “I do not apologize. So that I can go back, I will never work in the media again, nor will I ever again.” However, she quickly retracted that decision and returned to present her program “Sabaya Al-Khair” again, before her contract with the Egyptian Al-Nahar channel, which broadcasts the program, ended, and Reham announced that she had diabetes, Retiring for the third time.


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