Real Madrid announces that Benzema has been infected with Corona


suffice The royal club In a statement, he said, “Real Madrid announces the injury of our player Karim Benzema Covid-19 virus.

The injury of the French top scorer, who participated with his country in the European Cup finals this summer, came after he was excluded for years due to the issue of the sexual tape of his former “rooster” colleague Matthew Valbuena, during the start of the pre-season matches (the next match is Sunday against Rangers of Scotland).

And the Frenchman has plenty of time to recover and return to the royal team, which begins his journey with his new old coach, Italian Carlo Ancelotti, in the Spanish League, starting from August 14 at Deportivo Alaves Stadium.
And Real had previously suffered last season from several infections in its ranks with the Corona virus, most notably to its leader who moved to Paris Saint-Germain, French Sergio Ramos, and Benzema’s citizen, defender Raphael Varane, who is also nominated for his departure this summer from the Madrid giant, according to reports.


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