Qusai Khouli is looking for a doctor, “Qabaday”… a heavy mustache and “high tension”


Artist Qusai Khouli published videos using the feature of his “Story” account on “Instagram”, showing him while he was in the gym, with a new and different look.

Khouli commented on one of the videos with the phrase “expose and share”, pointing out that he cannot play sports because of a shoulder injury and his suffering from a disc in the neck, adding: “We want something Dr. Qabaday to tell us a solution other than the operation.”

Qusai, who appeared in one of the videos with a thick mustache, explained that “Al-Musharib” is for the new character that he will present in a new series called “High Tension”, without revealing much about the details of the work.

It was remarkable that Khouli underwent a palate augmentation operation using the “Texas” technique; Which raised a lot of controversy about the great change in his features

Shortly after he announced the news of the “High Tension” series, he revealed another dramatic work called “The Wasm”, produced by “Ebla” and produced by Hilal Arnaout.
The work was conceived and supervised by Qusai Khouli, co-written by Bassim Al-Rayes, in addition to Khouli and four other writers, and it will be shown on the Shahid VIP platform.


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