Pyramids demands 2 million pounds from Al-Ahly after winning the African Champions League


Pyramids club officials sent two letters to Al-Ahly club during the past hours. The first letter came to congratulate the Red Team on winning the African Champions League for the tenth time in the history of the Red Castle and the second in a row, after defeating the South African Kaizer Chiefs.

As for the letter sent by the management of the Pyramids Club, it came to demand the Red Castle to obtain an amount of 2 million pounds, and they are regarding the “bonus” of the deal of Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, the first team football player in Al-Ahly Club.

Afsha’s contract between Al-Ahly and Pyramids stipulates that the latter will receive an additional 2 million pounds, in addition to the price of the deal, which cost about 20 million pounds at the time, in the event that Al-Ahly wins the African Champions League title and the Egyptian Premier League football championship, which is what actually happened.

The student of the Pyramids administration came to obtain an amount of 2 million pounds, after the heavenly club addressed the Red Castle after the end of the African Champions League before the last, in addition to winning the Egyptian Premier League, but the amount has not yet been transferred to the club, so that the club sends a new letter to Al-Ahly demanding to get his due.


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