Professor at the Institute of Astronomical Research: Small meteors burn completely with


10:31 AM

Friday 23 July 2021

I wrote – Sahar Azzam:

Dr. Muhammad Gharib, a professor at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that meteorites are bodies from the remnants of an asteroid or comet explosion, and that they exist in space in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Gharib added, during a telephone interview with the “This Morning” program broadcast on the “Extra News” channel today, Friday, that the small meteors burn completely with their fall and friction with the Earth’s atmosphere, and that in this case they have a flash called a meteor, pointing out that the large meteors at Falling very quickly from space, part of it burns and the other part falls to Earth.

He pointed out that Egypt is one of the countries that witnessed the fall of meteorites, in the Mount Kamel region on the borders between Egypt, Sudan and Libya, and part of it was taken at the Geological Institute and another part at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, explaining that this meteorite is 5,000 years old.


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