Pique: Italy won because of the advantage in the penalty shootout


Gerard Pique congratulates Italy and returns the reason for their victory to the advantage they got in the penalty shootout.

Gerard Pique, the star of the Spanish national team and the defense of Barcelona, ​​congratulated the Italian national team on winning its second title in the European Nations Cup yesterday evening.

This came, according to what the player said in a tweet he posted on his official account on the famous social networking site “Twitter”, a while ago.

Italy beat England on penalties, scoring three kicks against two for the Three Lions.

Pique wrote: “Congratulations to the Italy team for winning the European Championship Euro 2020, they were the best team in the tournament.”

He added, “Having the opportunity to be the first shooter in the penalty shootout gave them the opportunity and allowed them to waste, as happened against Spain.”

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Spain had left the European Nations Cup semi-final against Italy on penalties as well.

It is worth noting that the Italian national team won yesterday’s title is the second in its history in the European Nations Cup after the 1968 title, which they won by lottery after a negative draw with the Soviet Union in the original and extra time before the idea of ​​​​penalties appeared.


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