PES turns into eFootball and will be available for free next fall


date of publication:
Jul 21 2021 22:05 GMT

Update date: July 21, 2021 22:30 GMT

Japanese entertainment company Konami has announced that it will permanently cancel its popular game PES, replacing it with eFootball, and it will be available for free on desktop, laptop and mobile devices this fall.

Initially the popular soccer game was called Winning Eleven, then Pro Evolution Soccer and now eFootball, Konami again changed the name of its game as part of an overhaul of how the game works in line with the modern gaming style.

Konami said in a statement, on Wednesday, that eFootball is an “all-new, free football simulation platform” developed in the Unreal Engine and will be released this fall on PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Steam, before launching on iOS and Android later.

Cross-platform play will be available after launch, but cross-generational play will be available at launch, and local matches featuring Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and others will be available for free at launch.

Konami will announce what clubs and other playing options will be added in the future, and some of these models will be paid for, although Konami has not confirmed the details yet.

One of the distinguishing features of this new version of PES games is what Konami calls “movement matching,” as this technology appears to “transform the wide range of movements made by players on the field into a series of animations, choosing the most accurate in real time.” , which means there are four times more animations in the game than in previous versions.

“Starting with the strong foundations of the Unreal Engine, which has allowed us to dramatically evolve player expressions, we have made a number of tweaks to create a new virtual football game engine that will power eFootball for years to come,” said Setaro Kimura, game producer at Konami.

Konami promised to reveal more information and details of the game in late August.


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