People oppress the artist because they do not see his suffering


The great late artist, Youssef Shaaban, said in his last video that he recorded before his death that people often look unfair to the artist because they do not know the truth about what he suffers and what he encounters in his life until he gets fame.

The great artist Youssef Shaaban, whose birthday falls today, corresponding to July 16, recorded a video shortly before his death in which he praises the book “In the Houses of the Lovers” by Zainab Abdel Lah, which shows other aspects and another face of the lives of artists and celebrities from inside their homes and on the lips of their children.

The great artist, Youssef Shaaban, was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the book, and saw that it touches part of his life as an artist that the audience sees under the spotlight and in the artworks he creates, while he does not see his times of pain and sadness and suffering for the sake of the art he presents to the public, so the late artist insisted that he record his praise for this The book is in audio, video and writing, so he recorded a video in which he talks about the importance of the book in searching for aspects that the public does not know about the artist, his life and his pain.

The great artist, Youssef Shaaban, said during the video, “The artist’s view is often unfair, because they do not know that talent is a gift from God Almighty, who gives it to whomever He wills, in order for this talented person to offer a helping hand to people by giving them insight into what benefits them and what harms them, that is, between good and evil.. That is his message.” which God assigned him in life.

And the late artist continued, saying, “Those who carry this message must be sensitive and have a generous manner, no matter what challenges they encounter. Therefore, the writer Zainab Abdel-Lah, the author of this book, found, after serious and painstaking research, that the artist’s life bears a face other than the apparent.”

He continued his talk about the book, “The writer found sorrows, tragedies and tears, which are a heavy price that the artist pays in order to carry out his message to the fullest, so that smiles, laughter and happiness enter people’s hearts. .. He concluded his speech by saying: “I am talking about the real artist, not about intruders.”

The book “In the Houses of Loved Ones.. Sons Opening Cabinets of Secrets” was published by the Egyptian Lebanese House and was presented during the 52nd International Book Fair.

It includes secrets, stories and pictures published for the first time from inside the homes of senior celebrities and on the lips of their children and those closest to them. During a trip in which the writer entered the homes of more than 20 famous figures of art, recitation and singing, the unknown aspects that the public does not know about the lives of these great and creative people.

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