Officially.. Petkovic leaves the Swiss national team to coach Bordeaux


Officially.. Petkovic leaves the Swiss national team to coach Bordeaux


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The Swiss Football Federation announced in an official statement on Tuesday the departure of the first team coach, Vladimir Petkovic, to coach the French club Bordeaux.

“After seven years as coach of the Swiss national team, Vladimir Petkovic has asked the Swiss Football Federation to terminate his current contract in order to meet a new challenge in French football,” a statement from the Swiss federation said.

He added: “The Swiss federation complied with this request and reached an agreement to terminate the contract with Petkovic, and not to disclose the details of his transfer agreement to Bordeaux, France.”

For his part, Petkovic said in statements carried by the official website of the federation: “I would like to thank the officials of the federation for granting my wish and allowing me to go forward to a new challenge. It has been seven wonderful years with the Swiss national team and I will never forget it, and I also want to thank everyone who supported me.” He accompanied me during this time to make this success possible for our country. We started the World Cup qualifiers with two victories in the spring. Now I hope the national team can qualify for the World Cup.”

Petkovic, accompanied by the Swiss team, achieved a heavy-caliber surprise recently during the European Nations Championship “Euro 2020” by eliminating the French team, the World Cup champion, Russia from the round of 16 on penalties, 5-4 after the end of the original and extra time with a 3-3 draw, before his adventure ended in the quarter-final From the continental championship against his Spanish counterpart, 3-1 on penalties, after the end of the regular and extra time with a 1-1 draw.

Source: Swiss Football Association


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