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The podcast “Dokan Show” hosted the Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, to discuss the pivotal role that the social, cultural and creative fields play in promoting a sustainable economy in the UAE. Noura Al Kaabi’s speech came on the occasion of the “Dokan Show” podcast celebrating the sixth anniversary of its launch in the UAE, as it is one of the most famous and oldest cultural and community podcast programs in the Middle East.

Al Kaabi said: “The creative economy has become an essential part of the global economy, as many countries have realized the importance of knowledge economies. The UAE, in particular, is a pioneer in this field, as it attaches the utmost importance to the cultural and creative sectors, and considers them an essential tributary to achieving a sustainable economy. .

Civilized themes

Omar Tom, co-founder and CEO of Dokan Media, said: “Our main goal when we launched the podcast (Dokan Show) was to discuss cultural issues from our cultural perspective and to export content and inspiring stories from the Middle East to the world. The export of cultural content is one of the most effective and influential tools, and we at the podcast (Dokan Show) are working hard to enrich qualitative content that contributes to creating a positive global image of the Middle East.”

He added, “The journey of this podcast over the past six years has been inspiring. I remember when we first started broadcasting, we were among the first in this field, which is currently experiencing rapid growth due to its rapid spread in the MENA region. Through our program, we are keen to share meaningful and interesting content to the audience, which has earned it a huge fan base and made it among the most attractive audio content to listeners in the region. We are very proud of this achievement, which has been achieved thanks to our superior team and our distinguished listeners. We are always striving for development and progress, and we welcome direct communication with listeners and the public.”


The Dokan Show podcast shares positive cultural content to enable its audience to interact and meet culturally, believing in the importance of cultural communication. The podcast has been downloaded more than 2.6 million times since its launch.

Since January 2016, the Dokan Show podcast has hosted more than 120 well-known guests from around the world, including celebrities, entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, illustrators, influencers, and others. TodayAtApple sessions.

Minister of Culture and Youth:

• «The creative economy has become an essential part of the global economy».

• “Many countries in the world have realized the importance of knowledge economies.”

• “The state is a key driver for the growth of the cultural and creative industries.”

traditional symbolism

The podcast “Dokan Show” refers to the traditional symbolism of local shops that carry a long-standing folklore, and go beyond being a shop selling products, but rather a means of communicating in the community and discussing daily topics and stories. The “Dokan Show” podcast, through its presenters Omar Tom, Reem and Akawi, provides an innovative broadcasting experience that presents modern content while preserving the cultural heritage under the slogan of delivering the voice of the Middle East to the world.

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