Not plastic surgery.. Haifa Wehbe’s daughter reveals a surprise about her nose surgery


revealed Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, that the operation she had on her nose was not for cosmetic purposes, as many reports had speculated.

And she explained in a post via the “Story” feature on her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, that she underwent the operation due to the presence of a deformity in the cartilage of her nose, which was preventing her from breathing properly.

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter revealed the secret behind her nose operation through her interaction with a follow-up to her account, who pointed out that there is a deviation in the cartilage of her nose, and that she (the follow-up) suffers from the same problem.

For her part, Zainab Fayyad described the follow-up as an “intellectual” who realizes the extent to which anyone suffers from a crooked nose due to its appearance and breathing difficulties, while criticizing allegations that she underwent the surgery to make her nose look similar to the nose of another person.

There were reports that Haifa Wehbe’s daughter underwent the operation on her nose to become similar to her mother.

Fayyad added, in her sarcastic post, that even if she arguably assumed that she had undergone plastic surgery in order for her nose to become similar to the nose of another character, this is permissible for her, meaning that she has the right to do so.

Zainab Fayyad had a nose surgery last month in Kuwait.

It is noteworthy that Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of Haifa Wehbe, from her first husband Nasr Fayyad, whom she married at a young age, gave birth to their daughter, and then decided to enter the world of art, and agreed to give up her daughter in order to obtain a divorce and a life of fame.


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