Neymar responds to Barcelona’s statement on settling their differences


Neymar responds to Barcelona's statement on settling their differences


Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar da Silva has confirmed his reconciliation with his former club Barcelona.

And Neymar, on his company’s Twitter account, republished the statement issued by Barcelona, ​​yesterday, Monday, regarding the amicable settlement of all professional and civil disputes with the Brazilian player.

Neymar wrote on his company’s Twitter account: “By sharing the information previously published by Barcelona, ​​we confirm that we have reached an agreement with the Spanish club, to end the pending legal proceedings.”

Neymar had worn the Catalan team shirt between 2013 and 2017, before leaving for Paris Saint-Germain, a few months after renewing his contract with the “Blaugrana”, in a deal that led to a legal clash between the two parties.

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Barcelona ends its legal dispute with Neymar in a way

On August 27, 2017, Barcelona filed a lawsuit against Neymar, asking him to return the contract renewal bonus he had obtained, in addition to 8.5 million euros in compensation, and an additional 10 percent for the arrears.

Barcelona alleged that Neymar owed him money he received as part of the renewal bonus when he signed a new contract in 2016.

The Catalan club also asked Saint-Germain to take responsibility for paying the fees, if the Brazilian player was unable to do so himself.

On the other hand, Neymar filed a lawsuit against his former club, demanding that he pay the full amount of 64.4 million euros that was agreed upon in 2016 in exchange for extending his contract until 2021.

Barcelona paid the first installment of this amount, amounting to 20.75 million, before the Brazilian player left for Saint-Germain, but he did not pay him the rest of it, but in turn resorted to the judiciary to restore the first installment that he paid to Neymar.

In June 2020, a Spanish court ruled against Neymar, forcing him to return 6.79 million euros to his former club.

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